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My battles with acne but horribly dry, sensitive skin, and make up!


My Acne update!

Sun, 01/13/2013 - 2:47AM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

So I am still on the medicine for my acne :D
The side affects are difficult but the results are so worth it

still not perfect but... 90% improvement :P I still have a lot of treatment to go through
My skin is red and sore from the medicine
I have many many scars :/ which are said to be pernament..
also now I can see I have many beaty marks on my face XD i couldnt see it with my acne!! o_O
SO HAPPY~ My skin is sooooo dry and sore though ><


I return! Collective haul and chatter :D

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 7:05PM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

I have been attending a new uni course, and I've been so freaking busy! I still lurk on sugar everyday :D but I rarely comment, but I have a little bit of time now :D (well, my work load just keeps getting bigger x_x but i need a break!!)
I've been trying some new products lately and have been into red lips for the first time! I usually don't like them on me, as my lips are thin.
Here are some things I've hauled since I last posted :D

Lady gaga black perfume - they say the black is see-trhough, but i sprayed this on when wearing a white dress, and it stained it grey! ahaha. It smells nice but doesn't last long
The new juicy coutoure perfume. It's nice! 
All about eyes rich Clinique - desperatley needed a new eye cream, wanted to try this. My eyes are irritated and needed soothing, this didn't really help. I thought it'd be better than the original but I actually think it's worse.

When I was in london i got some sexy look face masks and collagen supplements to help with the dryness of accutane. THESE SMELL OF ROSES! I Looooove roses :D These are really nice masks! and cute hello kitty design.
Lancome genifigue nutrics - My new night cream, my acne medicine works wonders but makes my skin red, tight and sore. This fixes it! I have tried many moiturisers but this works best for me, at the moment.. My skin keeps changing, though.
Naked Pallette by urban decay - i finally decided to try!! I wear this everyday, i LOVE it! Can't believe I've never tried before~~!
Macadamia deep  repair mask - I bought a mini trial pack of the macadamia oil products, I loooved all of them! Bought the fullsize mask :D it works great on my hair~~

Benefit magic ink eyeliner - just a normal liquid eyeliner. nothing special!
Shiseido The skincare moisture protection SPF 15 - impulse buy :P It was in a discount brand store~! I love the smell of this. It's a good product for days my skin isn't super super dry.
YSL glossy stains in 10 & 25.
I LOVE THESE GLOSSY STAINS~ I have 4 now. I want to collect them all!
The colours look similar, but one is a deep red, one is a cherry red.

The gloss - 10 bottom, 25 top                                               the very strong stain
I've just been loving them :D

I can't wear coloured contacts anymore >< not allowed contacts on this medicine~ sad.

Anyway :D I am happy to be back, soon I want to do a give away of some sleek pallettes, or something else specifically from the UK!
Here are some peices I've done in uni!!
They're concept art for scenes from a book called "She" (written in 1986)

they're 3 different scenes from the same book :D
I am happy with the outcome, but we didn't have long to work on them, so of course there's things I'd like to improve, but that's all the learning process I guess!
I'm working on new concept art for a scene i made up my self now :D 
Hope you are all well!!


YSL Teint Resist + Pore refining Skincare Brush review

Fri, 09/07/2012 - 1:14AM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

So a while back I posted my haul where I got some YSL make up and Dior nail polishes..

It is my first time experiencing getting your make up done instore, and then buying what they used.


It looked so different in store~!!! The lighting must have affected it. It looked beautiful and fresh in store.

So, I bought a Pore refining skincare brush and a foundation called teint resist from YSL, also a lipggloss.

My foundation is in the shade 4. It's supposed to last over 12 hours on the skin, with a spf of 15. It's claimed to have buildable coverage, and look natural. The lady said it's oil free, but I'm not too sure. The pore refiner has silicon in it, and salysilic acid.

So, first I apply the primer brush to my skin.

You squeeze the bottle and it dispences the product through the brush. I put it on my hand, and then apply it with the brush. Before I applied conceler first, and the brush really picked up the pigment fast. 

I find this to be a hassle, as you have to clean the brush, and it just doesn't seem hygenic. The lid for this product has broken already, so the packaging is cheap for such an expencive product.

It feels cooling, and very drying. 

Here is my bare face (again, sorry)                                                        with primer. (this picture is a bit lighter so it looks less red. it doesn't help redness.)

wow the vein under my eye o_o! it's so bad >< but i've always had it

anyway, as you can see, not much visable different. my face is red from the medicine. 


Then, I pump 4 pumps of the foundation onto my hand, and blend it in with my fingers. (the pump pumps only small amounts of foundation.)

It has medium coverage. It dries to a matte finish, or velvet finish. Here's one coat

As you can see, it covers OK. It doesn't really cover the deep red scars. I don't apply this to my undereyes, that's why it's still purple.

Notice it's caking around my mouth and nose?

2 coats

With concealer under my eyes too :P

It still doesn't really cover my very red scars. It cakes a lot around my nose, mouth and notice, around my eye area.

The primer makes the foundation cake. I don't understand it. The primper stops the foundation from going on smoothly, it's just a cakey mess.

So, the foundation does last long, and the primper does help make it last longer, but..

the primer just makes it look so awful!

So, over all, I'd say the foundation is O.K but not worth the money.

The primer is awful. 

But that's just on my skin. I will not touch it now I'm on accutane, as well.

My lips are awfully dry from the medicine, but the YSL glossy tints help them look a lot better, as i can't wear lip gloss.

Bad photo ><;; and i haven'ty brushed my hair, bed head! Wearing the YSL glossy tint.

Also trying my dolly wink eyebrow products but the shade is just too orange

But you can see still I have acne, and up close, it's a cakey mess. There's a cakey line that's visable between skin with no primer, and skin with primer. the primer is too drying, the packaging is cheap.. so sad, it was really expencive. =(



Murad Clarifying Mask + Mini nail haul. (Also skin acne update!) long post

Sat, 09/01/2012 - 2:49PM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

So my blood-related problems have been almost solved recently, and my doctor gave my dermatologist the thumbs up to go on medication for my skin once again.

I have had acne since I was 9. No medicine has ever helped. Not even a bit =( I'm 20 now, so i've had 11 years to try different products, and different medication. I'm with a new dermatologist.. He's put me on another round of accutane and I thought OH GODD not again... It didn't help me the two times before. And I got all the bad side affects. Nose bleeds everyday, sensitive eyes, horribly sensitive skin, dry skin all over, cracked lips, depression, changing in personality..

I'm still getting those side affects now >< (well the nose bleeds never faded away after medication..) buutt... IT'S WORKING!!! For the first time ever!!! My dermatologist seems much more knowledgable than my previous dermatologists, also he smiles and laughs and makes me trust him more. Lol also his skin is amazing O_O 

I've been on the medication for about 10 days... and the cystic acne is almost completley gone. I still have some acne on my temples, but otherwise.. It's just scars!!! I AM SO SO SO HAPPY~~~~~!!!!

So I'm going to start off this post with unflattering photos of my scared skin. :D lol

Ok so, you can see my temples are very conjected. My cheeks look it too, but it's actually just indeted scars. I had very very very bad breakouts on the side of my face. deep cystic acne that wouldn't budge. Now they're just scars... :D very vad scars. This picture looks bad, but about only 20% is active acne. 80% is scarring. My doctor will refer me to laser surgery after the acne treatment and my face is clear. Also I had bad breakouts spreading down my neck, now it's just scars... :D

My skin is red from the medicine making is scencitive and sore. 

You can also see the visable veins under my eyes >< hate them, but it's just genes. I've had it since I was young.

I'm not very pretty without makeup :P My eyes are red because, the liquid on your eyes actually contain oil to lubricate your eyes, accutane stops you producing oil all in your body, so your eyes become sore and dry. 

But as you can see :D my face is still red and the texture is still pretty bad, but a LOT better than before~~~!!!  but again, only about 20% actual acne, 80% scarring. But scarring is easier to remove than acne. (but expencive)

I also saw some improvement from the SK II essence before I was on accutane. (but not as much as now) Only 10 days, so much improvement, can't wait to see after 12 months. (that's how long my treatment will be.) No improvement on ym back skin, yet.


Now I'm done scaring you with my face :P

Murad is a skincare line that I hear a lot of praise online, but never saw it in England. It recently opened up in a department store near me, and I was browsing through. There is a lot to offer! I can't use the acne skincare, as when on accutane, you can't use any skincare aimed for acne. But things like masks are ok, and acne-aimed sunscreens. You need skincare more aimed for scensitive skin. 

Talking to the lady there for aaages, looking at all the range, I've been after a clay mask for a while, hard to find one that works for me, I decided to pick up the Murad one!  It was expencive, but if it works, it's worth it!

Then, I was delighted to see there were gifts with purchase~~!!

Lots of different products to try, and in such good sample sizes, too! VERY HAPPY!!

The "balance brighten protect box" contained samples of:

Essential-C cleanser £34 ($68) 

Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 £57 ($114)


The other Box contained:

Active Radiance Serum £104 ($208) 

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser £34 ($68) 

Intensive Wrinkle Reducer for Eyes £75 ($150) 

Oil Free Sunblock SPF 30 £27 ($54)


So the fullsize items are expencive O_O and i got good sized samples! The clarifying mask was £38 ($76), I was sold by the woman talking about the soothing and anti inflamitory properties, and with the medicine, my skin needs soothing, while gentle clarifying to help the medicine. 

It smells of sulfur, reminds me of the natural mud baths I visited in Turkey :D When I use it, the next day my skin appears clearer, but not sure if it's this or the medicine. I know Sulfur is good for the skin so I'm going to keep using it, as it doesn't irritate my skin or dry it out too much.


I've been loving the samples~ I've been using the exfoliating cleanser, as my face as been peeling.. You know with cure gel, you can rub your race and it comes off in like, little balls? My face has been doing this alone without cure gel o_O!! My face is too sensitive for the clarisonic atm, so this is just what I needed!

I've also been using the active radiance serum, it's sticky but absorbs when patted in for a while. It's not greasy at all but not hydrating enough for my now very dry skin. I've been using the eye cream too, looove it! Shame it's so expencive. 


So while having a look around, I wanted a new base coat. I wanted the dior one, i went to 3 different counters and they're all sold out! So I picked up a nails Inc base and top coat duo, which has nourishing properties as it has caviar in. or something like that :P also picked up a yellow colour, which my boyfriend picked.. didn't really like the colour, just got it anyway cause it was the first time my boyfriend seemed to care about nail polish LOL on the nails, I really like it!

I got them messy already :P These have been serving me well. My nails are stronger with the base coat, and the polish lasts about 4 days before I see minor chipping. The yellow colour is very bold but needs 2 coats to not be a bit streaky.


Also, I showed before I used up 2K-Pallete eyeliners. Yumeko showed there's a new limited edition packaging, a light baby pink with silver polkadots. same product, ran out of pen-style eyeliner, been using a benefit liquid eyeliner, so I thought I'd grab this one, she was selling in her store.

She also scent me some tea from the awesome-looking brand Lupicia!! I saw this in japan but didn't try. She blogs about it a lot and i've been soooo badly wanted to try~~ I felt very down this day, and my eyes were so dry, and my nose was bleeding a lot, this just made me soooo happy. I was so excited to try :D It's called C'est Pafrait (i thought it means it's cake or something, then my mum was like CAKE?? Wtf? It's perfect, not it's cake!), and  I didn't know what to expect. Poured it out, beaauutiifull rose (or other flower) petals, lemon grass, and some other things. It tastes soooo good T_T it's naturally sweet, tarte from the lemon grass, and floral. so so so yummy... sooo happy. she sent me some candy too :D ate it lol 


YSL and Dior Haul!

Wed, 08/15/2012 - 9:29PM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

I recently got a store card, and realised I have no self control. Lol. This is bad. I might have to get rid of it, as I keep falling for temptation

I never spend what I know I can't pay back, but I spend money which could probably go towards better things! -.-;;;;;;;;;;

I am hopeless.. 

but happy

because now I have these products~~!

So I tracked into the department store after the crocodile skin nail polish duo by dior after seeing The Makeup Blogette's post. I hate the crackle nail affect, but this just looked sooo nice on her nails.

Aaand, browsing the Dior counter, no one was there to serve me. -.- They always ignore me.. So the Dior lady just left without attending me. So I just swatched some more hoping she'd come back, and the YSL lady asked me if I need help. I asked for the duo, and she invited me to try some YSL make up before I go to pay for the nail varnish duo.

She used a lipgloss, foundation and primer on me. It looked so great

So i bought all 3. *smahses head on desk*

I don't need a new foundation aaaarghghgh!!! I have a whole lancome one to finish and skin79 BB cream!! But I guess all girls have maybe a few foundations to rotate..? Maybe it isn't so bad. As the texture is different, anyway. 

-.- hate these ipod photos.

So, planning on only spending £24, (that's how much the dior duo is), I left owing £115... Yah... 

I am stupid. 

I bought (and why):

Teint Resist (YSL): "Long wear endless comfort transder resistant foundation. Oil free spf 10"

My lancome foundation and BB cream have a matte finish. This has a satin finish, it's soooo beautiful and doesn't look heavy,which i think sometimes matte foundations can do. She didn't set it with powder, and 6 hours later, it still looks good!! It has good oil control. So I wanted it because of the finish and texture. It suits my skin type a lot and it just looked beautiful. Also better colour match than my lancome foundation, as all of the 24 hour teint miracle oil free formulas were pretty dark..

My skin just looks like skin with this. Not best coverage but I find nothing is without looking too fake. I don't mind my acne showing through for the sake of having my skin look a bit more real.


YSL Pore Refining Skincare Brush

She used this before she applied the foundation and it just felt wonderful on my skin. Not heavy, it was cooling and refreshing. It doesn't fill in pores, but it has ingrediants in them to refine it. Skimming through the ingrediants, it's oil free, too. I wasn't going to pick this up but she insisted.. I guess I give in to pressure + I'm an idiot. :P


YSL Glossy Stain in 17

Ok she tried this on me and you know when you're at the point where you think "why not? in for a penny.." So this was a little stupid. But it just looked so goooooooood I really think it suits meeee. I have another glossy stain which I love so I'm already familiar with the weird texture. This one leaves a stain unlike the paler pink. Just love love love it. 


Dior Golden Jungle crocodile leather effect nails

What I was only intending to get!! Lol

I went home to practice it, as I've never used a varnish like this before~ Here is my bad manicure with my bad camera. I bought a top coat and gold glitter nail art pen at a drugstore just for this. 

I'm not very good at painting my nails, Becuase i've never been interested.. But recently I had a manicure at a salon, and I really want to get better at painting my nails so I can get a salon like  finish!!


Another really bad Glossy Box! Glossy Box August 2012

Wed, 08/15/2012 - 9:05PM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

Glossy Box is a monthly subscription box, where you pay for "high end" samples every month. It's £13, so around $26 SGD

This month made me angry. Didn't their stuff that looks out for products even look at these..!?

I got a 99p eyeshadow pallete. Maybe $2. It is. so. so. bad. There is NO pigment no matter how hard you dig for it. HOW IS THIS HIGH END? Why did they even think it's ok to put this eyeshadow worse than kids pretend make up? Argh.

DHC cleansing oil sample - Only thing I thought was ok

A nail whitening nail varnish - Has a blue tint to counter yellow - but again it's only £3 for full size..

A lip coat to make lipstick stay - this hurts sooo much! and again, this is full size, but only £3..

All for Eve balm - £4 full size

And glosy box's own lipstick brand.

Argh. Yes, there are 3 full sized items. But I could have went and bought these my self for cheaper than the box. Not that I would. 

The website says it's for testing high end products. Just don't like it when the service they describe isn't what you get.

So mad. Unsubscribed for sure this month!! Sooo annoyed!


Laduree, SK II and another YSL lipstick!

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 11:07PM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

Recently, I ordered a sample of a SK II product. It was the facial treatment clear lotion. My skin has never been better! It looks bad because of acne, but now with makeup, it's sooo much smoother. I still have acne, but for this much progress in just a sample use.. I was amazed

So I went to Harrods (O____O SO FREAKING FANCYYYYYYYYYY) And spoke to the MAs about my skin. They saw my skin is dry and flakey, sensitive, so suggested I just used their famous treatment essence. I caved. I spent £95 on a skincare item. Most expencive skincare item I've ever owned... They suggested over skincare items, but I didn't want to spend too much. =_= they had no samples. Why are people in england so freaking stingey with samples? I just bought a really expencive item you can see I'm a future customer -_- hand them over, lady! 

So, I really have high hopes.. The facial clear lotionreally helped clear my skin like no other. I noticed it doesn't skin into the skin well if I don't use my clarisonic.

And then, looking around Harrods, intimidated by the pure glorious posh-ness, I saw.. LADUREEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~ ER MAH GEEERDDDD!! I HAD to go get some macarons. I had only tried them once before, and they were the best. and THEY HAD A HELLO KITTY BOX~~!!


Parents stole my camera so I'm back to ipod photos!

When you buy a box of 6 macarons, there was an option for THIS HELLO KITTY BOX~~~! It was same price as regular. Yay!


Almond Marshmellow, Pistachio, Chocolate -french word-, Cherry Blossom, Coffee, ROSE!!!

They're sooooo good. needless to say rose is my favourite! Then cherry blossom. Coffee is another favourite flavour of mine but my brother took it T_T


150ML. Online harrods have a 75ml bottle for £60 which i would have bought without feeling as guilty.. But they only had 150ml in store. I know it's better value for money but.. ouch..!

But I had a very nice time pretending I'm rich in harrods :D


Also picked up this lipstick when I got a store card for one of the cheaper department stores in the UK. (Debenhams.) They don't stock very interesting handbag brands, and only your common luxury make up brands, and a small choice of perfumed. But it's the only store card I can get XD 

Got YSL rogue volupte in lingerie pink 07. This is my first lipstick from the non-pearlised glossy range. I prefer this consistancy a lot more as it lasts longer but still very very soft and silky. 

It covers my red pigmented lips well. :D

YAY my hands don't look scaley in the photo. Maybe the L'occitane handcream is working :D hehe

Love this shade~! I'm now after YSL 01 nude biege. Then, there's no more shades I'm interested in from YSL. For now =)


I recently found my etude house VIP girl llipstick sample in VIP pink. This lipstick is SOOO GOOOOD i hope they still sell them!!!



Small haul + New favourite fragrance + some used up products

Fri, 08/10/2012 - 1:33PM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

I only bought 2 things lol Just the perfume comes with a lot of packaging!  I bought the new Taylor Swift Perfume, Wonderstruck (new in the UK at least), and a hand cream by L'occitane! My first ever product from this brand. 


L'occitane has always seemed like a store for older people, for me. But I've seen a lot of bloggers talk about their hand creams. Their hand creams often come free with magaznies, but I never bothered trying. Kicking my self now! Inside l'occitane, the staff were very nice, and gave me tea while I browsed. I was there for ages and only got one hand cream LOL and they gave me 2 samples of their skincare~ They're doing skin consultations, and I'm going for one soon, though doubt their skincare can offer me anything.

The hand cream smells AMAZING~~ Like a fresh green rosey scent, but the rose isn't over powernig. My mum loves it too and wants to get the eu de toilette~ it's limited edition scent, though.


The bottle for this perfume is soooo pretty~ I got 50ml, but I should have got 100ml. Oh well. As you get so much better value. The perfume came with a free bag shown above~ It smells of plastic o_O and is poorley made. Oh well, wanted the perfume not the bag. :P

To me, it just smells sooo fruity and fresh, young and mysterious. I love love love it. My favourite perfumes are usually escada lol The summer ones, but this year, I just prefer wonderstruck! I've been inlove with escada for over 7 years so that says a lot :P I usually only buy one perfume a year, escada. Lol

I haven't actually bought this years escada... *go finds it online* XD

Here's what online says the scents are:

  • Heart notes

    Hawaiian White Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Mimosa Flowers, Vanilla Whoopie Pie

  • Top notes

    Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Dewberry

  • Base notes

    Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Peach

  • Scent

    Gourmand Floral

  • Feel


    lol *shrug* I'm really bad with scents. To me, perfumes just smell good. XD ahaha


    Lately used up some products~ Even though I have a very small collection, I still find it hard to use things up. I really wonder how girls ever use up makeup if they have more than one foundation, powder etc! XD

    Doh blurry pic..

    But I used upp

    Majolica Majorca liner in Red

    This is my secnod of these eyeliners~ I love the finish but I hate how you often take out too much product, which can make your makeup blotchy. 


    K-Pallete Real lasting eyeliner 24h wp

    I bought 2 of these 4 years ago!! Lol and only just used them up! They last a long time. (I used both up) And draw a beautiful line. I wouldn't say they're water proof, though.. And the black isn't as deep as i'd like.


    Kiss Me Heroine Make Perfect water Sunscreen

    Loved this sun screen! Delicate rose scent. No oily feel when fully absorbed but a little when first applied. Moisturises nicely~ I want to try more sunscreens but I'd be happy to re purchase this if i can't find anything better.


    Kiss Me Heroine Make matte BB liquid

    Love hate with this. I love the texture, so liquid, feels nice to apply. But it can seem heavy, even though it's light-medium coverage. It doesn't appear natural on my skin, even with a light cover. Bit too dark for me but fine in the summer


    Shiseido Pureness range - I used up the whole range but threw away all the bottles except the toner lol

    Been using this line for about 2 years now. Time to find something better. Very very gentle line, light hydration, makes skin very comfortable. But doesn't battle acne


GlossyBox July

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 8:15PM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

Last months glossybox was AWFUL. But this month is a bit better! I might try one more box, if I can.

What I got:

HD BROWS Brows and eye palette in foxy. <--   

They know I'm blonde from our profiles they made us fill, yet they sent me a dark hair pallette, and others a blonde pallete when they have dark hair.. sigh  still nice product full size. £19.95


CYNOL SALON EXCLUSIVE enrich colour shampoo

full size is £10 for 300ml my sample is 50ml. will try smells like any other shampoo.


MONU golden Glow

Loved the self tanner from my JolieBox now I'm pretty keen on trying new tanning products on my legs! Happy i got this. Don't see how it adds a glow/tan, though. £23 for 200ml sample size 30ml



Pretty lip gloss, smells great! Says you can use it on your cheeks but the first ingrediant is mineral oil..


ELIZABETH ARDEN Visable Difference Balancing Lotion SPF 15 and sample sachets of the serum, cleanser and same lotion.

Smells gross! £32ml for 50ml sample is 5ml.


So not a big woop but not a big let down like last time!


Joliebox UK July 2012! (Monthly subscription BeautyBox)

Fri, 07/20/2012 - 11:54AM by Lucy rollins 0 Comments -

After my last awful beauty monthly box, (glossy box for june), I lost faith in these monthly boxes. I was googling around to see what else is avaliable in England, most of them seemed cheap, but Joliebox had this more classy feel to it. The products from previous boxes were very pleasing so I thought I'd give these one more try. I was not disappointed!! 

It comes with a magazine, JolieMag. It was a great read!! Was very happy. Read it while noming breakfast and painting my nails with the polishes supplied.

Comes in a sturdy box with a nice pouch. I love the boxes these monthly boxes come in, they're actually high quality and can be used for many things. (I decorate them and use them to stash samples in hehe)

My samples!! Not one thing I won't use!!

I got:

ETAT PUR :- Pure Active A22 Salicylic Acid 300

£12.20 for 15ml. This is a full size product!! Wow!! And for acne! Soo happy. Used it this morning. No stinging like most acne products. 


JANE IREDALE :- Tantasia Self Tanner

£24.00 for 124ml. It doesn't have the ml on my sample, but i'd guess 15ml as it's bigger than my little store samples which are 12ml. So this sample is around £2.30 worth.


INSTITUT ESTHEDERM PARIS :- Bronz Repair Anti-wrinkle Tanning Cream   <- Can't get enough sun protection to try =) Doesn't say UV factor, but says has strong UV protection for strong sun? Maybe france don't have to specify UV factor on their products?

£49.50 for 50ml. This sample is 20ml. WOW This sample is worth £19.80!


WEN BY CHAZ DEAN :- Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Condtioner <- smells great so excited to try. Traveling to Liverpool next week will bring!!

£24.95 for 480ml. My sample is 60ml so £3.11 worth!


NAIL GIRLS :- These are two mini nail polishes from a new nail salon in London. 

Full size is £10.50 for 15ml. Not sure about these sizes?? I will guess 5ml each, so 2 £3.50 samples = £7.50


And a handy divider to paint my toooes =)


Of course the star product for me is the full size acne treatment! Have high hopes! Look at the cool bottle

It has like a rubber button on the bottom, you press to dispense the product. I really like this design!! It's very fluid and it says 4 pumps for whole face, but I think you could use maybe 2 or 3. It spreads very easily. It says to use at nighttime but I'm not going out today so I used in the morning. Lol 


The nail varnishes, I didn't think I like as the colours don't seem.. me. (aka they're not glittery or pink lol) but i tried it on and it's very beautiful!!

My nails are weak and break all the time so I can't really grow them out!


Over all, very very very happy. 

My box worth in the end isss

£44.95  (Around $90 SGD!)


I paid £12.95 for the box.

Will re-suscribe!!!! I unsuscribed because I was weary the first box wouldn't be good. Now I know! Sooo happy

</p> </p>

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